Welcome to Lou Rossi 4 Hair

With an experience of over 20 years, Lou Rossi has been proudly serving Los Angeles for its Hair Replacement needs. Lou Rossi aims to provide ultimate satisfaction to Hair replacement customers by using fine human hair Graff’s, resulting in full head of hair looking absolutely real. Los Angeles hair replacement company Lou Rossi for hair will make you look young with full head of real looking hair, which will help you gain confidence and positive attitude.

Hair Replacement

The Art of Hair Replacement, It just does not happened, We at Lou Rossi before anything else we study the bone structure of each individuals calp and its appendages. That same study helps us to design the very unique hair graff ( hair styles ) that complements and enhance all and each facial and scalp outline.
This is what Lou Rossi is all about. Our study has been proven to make you regain your best. Remember when you feel good looking your best, we feel great. Please call Lou Rossi he will be more than glad to schedule a personal consultation, he is looking forward for you to achieve looking your best.