I Lou Rossi have been in the hair replacement just as long as I have been in the hair styling Business, through these same years I have learned to love the hair styling. Then I told my self, it is fine and denty to help clients who row full heads of hair, what can I do to help clients that want hair but cannot grow their own hair? trough these last three decades I have worked hard to have developed many ways and tecchnicks to be able to help people to wear great looking hair,hair which seems growing from their owen cranial fullicles, truly undetectable. Please Ladies and Gents, YOU OWE IT TO YOUR SELF, I am special with enough knowledge and great expertise in tecniks that I have mastered through the years and the ones I keep learning through the new tecknology by listening to my clients needs and expactations. Further more, one last thing, I am very humble, this quality makes me even more valuabe and unick on helping you look your best. I am just on the other side of your phone dial my number, you will not get a recording I will be there ready to help I arrived in Los Angeles at sixteen I immediate came to work in my present location as a men hair stylist simultaniousley I was attending the Lapin beauty college in the evening. At seventeen I started loosing my hair. It was at that time as I was getting more and more interested in the art of hair cutting and styling for gents and ladies, I got the idea and I asked myself a very simple question, why not help people that cannot grow their hair? Since that time I have studied and I am still studying try to perfect and improve these same arts . Through all the hard work in continuous sducation and research, I have developed various advanced tecnicks through which I am able to help clients to look and feel their best.This is the future of the world, continuous education and hard work gives me better products. This ables me to see my clients looking their best, remember I look good when you look your best.