Salon Services

Lou Rossi 4 Hair is one of the oldest hair salon in Burbank offering wide range of Salon services to people.

Precision Hair cutting

Precision hair cutting is an art Lou masters, be it for men, women or children. Lou Rossi is capable to provide precision hair cutting at affordable price and a style you will always love.

Hair Color

Hair color is one of the best way to make your self stand out. If you are tired of your hair color you can color them for a while until you want a new color. Lou Rossi provides affordable and reliable hair color service and will make you fall in love with his work.

Manicure & Pedicure

At Lou Rossi 4 Hair we offer the best facilities for Manicure & Pedicure. Whichever type of Manicure or Pedicure you are looking for, Lou and his team are able to provide you with personalized specialized treatment your hands and feet deserve.

Perming & Straightening

Lou Rossi 4 Hair provides specialize treatment to you and your hair. The treatment you deserve! Lou Rossi carries state of the art technology to provide top class perming and straightening services. Service is exceptional and prices are extremely affordable for everyone.

Hair Extensions

At Lou Rossi 4 Hair you can find all the different types of hair extensions you need. We carry curly / wavy, straight, colored and many more different types of hair extensions. Our extensions are original hair and one of the most affordable hair extension service in town.